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The Diesel fake shop in New York

The popular clothing brand creates its own Diesel fake shop in New York.

In New York there is a street that is the paradise of fakes. Located between Chinatown and Little Italy, Canal Street is full of copies of clothes at a ridiculous price. The logos and name of the brands are delirious and the haggling as essential art before closing the purchase.

The brands see how their image is devalued with a product of poor quality. Few ways exist to combat this scourge, since they are very well organized organizations and achieve a level of replication that is almost exact for the piece.

Tienda de falsificaciones Diesel

Given the impossibility of fighting against it, you can only throw imagination to create a favorable situation for the brand. That’s what Diesel has done creating his own Diesel fake shop in New York. They did it in secret and opened a store that went unnoticed among the others with a brand called “Deisel”. The buyers did not notice, but all they bought was unique Diesel garments, designed by the brand’s creative team.

The experiment was recorded via a hidden camera. When officially announcing the limited collection “Deisel”, the clothes sold out in less than 24 hours.

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