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“Thanks mum and mum” a new Doritos LGTB Commercial

Anuncio de Doritos México: Gracias Mamá y Mamá

“Thank you mom and mom” is the title of the emotional Doritos commercial in honor of LGTB mothers.

If there is a brand that is focused on the LGTBI community, that is, without a doubt, Doritos. Since 2015, the multinational has been carrying out actions as diverse as rainbow corn tortillas or carrying out emotional advertising campaigns in pursuit of the Pride movement.

One of the Doritos subsidiaries that has the most impact is Doritos México. Not long ago he surprised with an emotional advertising campaign entitled “The best gift” in which we see how a father tries to understand her son in the best possible way. The ad slipped into our report on the best ads in the Pride movement and was a success in Mexico.

Now Doritos is back with another emotional ad campaign. This time, to support LGBT mothers and thank them for all that they are doing. “There is not only one mother,” say the creators of the Doritos ad, a new piece that is included in the “Pride All Year” campaign.

The ad has been created by Slap Global and is titled “Thank You Mom and Mom”. In it they tell us the story of Alexandra, Constanza, Diego, Eli, Daniel and Max, young Mexicans from lesbian-maternal families who prepared a surprise for their mothers at the La Ciudad Esperanza Iris theater in Mexico.

They were asked to write a text for their mothers and to keep it a secret until the day of filming. In a single take, the reactions of the protagonists were recorded, whose editing chains together fragments to form a single message.

The children thank their mothers for doing the impossible to start a family. Despite all the prejudices, despite putting up with uncomfortable questions. “They say that having a mother is the best thing in the world and instead of one, I have both.” The Doritos ad concludes, interspersing images of the theater with family photos of the protagonists in different situations.

According to Eduardo Córdoba, Marketing Director of the company: “We are very excited to continue celebrating Pride All Year with Doritos, this time incorporating our message of love, respect and acceptance for such an important date as Mother’s Day.

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