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Dove’s emotional campaign helps cope with the pressure of postpartum

"Under Pressure" is a reflection of the emotional roller coaster of motherhood

Campaña de Dove | Under Pressure

The Dove campaign wants to give mothers the help they need to cope with the pressures of motherhood.

Dove is running multiple ongoing advertising campaigns. We recently talked about “Toxic Influence” to raise the self-esteem of young people and know how to detect the advice of unhealthy influencers. Today Dove pays special attention to the pressure that mothers receive after having a baby.

And it is that according to a study of the brand, postpartum pressure affects 7 out of 10 women. A high ratio that Dove wants to support.

“Under Pressure” is the title of Dove’s maternity campaign. The title is the same as the song sung by David Bowie and Queen in 1981 that plays as a channeling element with a version made by Claudia Gomes.

And it is that after giving birth, mothers are in the most transformative moment of their lives. The pressure of being the perfect mom means avoiding talking about the daunting challenges of motherhood. One in five mothers will experience mental health problems such as postpartum blues, postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression.

According to the brand, in a statement: “The emotional roller coaster of motherhood puts incredible pressure on moms, and while awareness of the issue is relatively high, too many pregnant/current moms feel unprepared for the challenges ahead.”

To lend its support, the Dove campaign partners with the NGO Postpartum Support International, dedicated to caring for women and families experiencing postpartum disorders. Dove encourages these mothers to find support on Dove’s website and is encouraged to share their experiences under the hashtag #OneRealPressure.

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