EasyJet’s funny commercial recreates “Top Gun” scenes

The campaign wants to fight against gender stereotypes

Anuncio de EasyJet | Top Gun

EasyJet commercial wants to encourage girls to be pilots, recreating scenes from “Top Gun”

The campaign launched by EasyJet aims to draw attention to gender stereotypes, which are still very marked in the aviation sector. And it is that, according to a study carried out on parents in the United Kingdom, 85% still consider the work for pilots for men, and 50% of women answered that they had never considered being airline pilots.

To promote aviation among the little ones and, especially, girls, they have recreated images from the famous film Top Gun; The famous film starring Tom Cruise and of which a sequel will soon be released.

“Calling All Mavericks” is the EasyJet commercial created by the British agency Taylor Herring and filmed at Luton Airport. The protagonists are children of EasyJet employees between the ages of 7 and 12 who recreate, in a fun way, the famous scenes from Top Gun.

According to Johan Lundgren, CEO of the company: ““Top Gun” is one of the most famous aviation movies of all time. We wanted to create our own version in a way that would be fun and inspiring for a younger audience. We want to show you that they don’t have to feel constrained by the outdated stereotypes that still exist about employment in our industry.”

The study concludes that 90% of the women questioned pointed out that prejudices about gender in jobs in the aviation sector start at school and 88%, that seeing men playing leading roles in technical jobs in movies and TV films reinforces the stereotypes.

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