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Feedit Bag, a biodegradable bag with built-in seeds

The Edeka supermarket company has created Feedit Bag, a biodegradable bag with built-in seeds.

Plastic bags are a real problem. Every day thousands and thousands of bags are distributed every second, a real problem for the environment. To try to help, the German supermarket company Edeka has started an original initiative that goes beyond the bags of cloth or paper in its centers.

Feed it Bag, de supermercados Edeka

They thought of making a biodegradable bag but with some differential fact that served to go away respect to the competition. This is how they created Feedit Bag; a bag made with renewable resources with the peculiarity that carries vegetable seeds inside. Each bag have placed inside it seeds of different vegetables with instructions to be able to plant it. So we are invited to fill it with organic waste and plant it to obtain new vegetables.

The Feedit Bag from Edeka supermarkets has started its product test in the city of Frankfurt. In it, more than 150,000 biodegradable bags were distributed in the establishments of the supermarket company. Let’s hope this marketing initiative goes further and let’s all dispose of the plastic bags.

Feed it Bag, de supermercados Edeka

Via | La Criatura Creativa



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