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The five best commercials from the Olympic Games

Best Commercials of the Olympic Games

We analyze and list the five best ads from the Olympic Games in all its history.

The Olympic Games are approaching, the most followed world event on the entire planet. Values such as effort, sacrifice, improvement and camaraderie are the pillars on which the sport is based and which are taken to the highest competition in the most anticipated event by all athletes.

At the audience level, the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games were watched by 5 billion viewers around the world. A number that is intended to exceed these Olympic Games as new platforms such as Twitch and TikTok come into play.

With this data, it is not surprising that brands prepare their best advertising campaigns to achieve the greatest possible impact. From the main sponsors to the networks that broadcast the Olympic Games. And among all of us we are going to list the five best commercials of the Olympic Games in all its history.

5. Visa – Carpool

Visa managed to bring together a dozen athletes from different countries and the idea was simple, a story of how they arrive at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. A funny story with different personalities and that transmits one of the values of the Olympic Games: camaraderie . Visa knew how to tell a good story by incorporating its product with discretion.

4. Canadian Tire – Pedestal

The “Canadian Tire” advertising campaign to cheer on their athletes at the Rio Olympics was truly amazing. With a powerful art direction and a copy that made your hair stand on end, we see how different professions rise as true representatives of a country.

3. P&G – Strong

None of the brands has run brighter ads for the Olympics than Procter & Gamble. His advertising campaigns have told wonderful and emotional stories. The third best ad for the Olympics is an evolution of their landmark “Thank You, Mum” commercial. Titled “Strong”, it shows us how mothers are our pillar of support in difficult moments in life; as always they have been there to reassure and support us.

2. Under Armour – Rule Yourself

In the second place of the best Olympic Games commercials we find Under Armor and Michael Phelps. Titled “Rule Yourself”, it explained the path of the mythical swimmer before starting the competition. An emotional, sensitive and welcoming story that explained Michael Phelps’ descent into hell before he was ready for the competition. Sacrifice, inspiration and strength blend seamlessly with the song “The Last Goodbye” from “The Kills”.

1. P&G – Thank You, Mom

And we come to the best advertising campaign of the Olympic Games. The honor is stopping “Thank you, mom”, the commercial made by P&G and which was a turning point in the world of advertising. Considered one of the best commercials in history and crowned the best commercial of the decade in Eslogan Magazine.

The “Thank You, Mom” commercial was one of the first campaigns to use storytelling to move us. In it we see the work of different mothers so that their children practice the sport they like the most. We see how they go through ups and downs with injuries, early risings, studies, food; invisible work and effort that pays off when the first thing these athletes do when they win is celebrate and remember their mother. Fleeting moments of happiness so well represented that it is impossible not to drop a tear watching the ad.

It was also a pioneer in the use of classical music by hitherto unknown composers. Ludovico Eunaudi and his classic “Divenire” put on the soundtrack and dressed the story with a contained epicity.


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