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The harsh France Parkinson’s advert makes us aware of the disease

The advertising campaign shows us everyday problems through dance

Anuncio de France Parkinson | Parker

France Parkinson’s advert is a shocking recreation of Parkinson’s and everyday problems through dance.

Parkinson’s is, without a doubt, one of the worst neurodegenerative diseases. The progressive loss of movement due to the nervous system begins with barely perceptible tremors that get worse over time.

On April 11, World Parkinson’s Day was celebrated. To raise awareness about the disease, the NGO France Parkinson has launched a campaign that recreates the difficulties in the daily lives of patients.

“Parker” is the title of France Parkinson’s advert in association with TBWA Paris, produced by Badass Films and directed by Julián Zuazo. The idea is to recreate the daily problems caused by parking through dance and dancing. Thus, the fluid movements of the dance recreate the problems of the protagonist to carry out basic actions in her house. To the rhythm of “Oasis” by the artist “La Chica”, the movements created by the choreographer Alejandra Capello relate the impossibility of moving correctly.

According to a report by the NGO France Parkinson, Parkinson’s affects about 200,000 adults in France, although some of them are unaware that they have it. In Spain, the Spanish Society of Neurology has estimated that the number of Parkinson’s patients is between 120,000 and 150,000 people.

France Parkinson’s ad is a campaign that will surely go unnoticed by the general public. Due to the spectacular recreation of Parkinson’s through dance and dance, we are forced to categorize this piece in our special “Hidden Jewels of Advertising”.

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