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“Plastic is back”: Greenpeace warns us that plastic does not disappear

Campaña Greenpeace | Plastic is Back

The Greenpeace campaign wants us to raise awareness about the degradation of plastic in “Plastic Is Back”.

Greenpeace advertising campaigns are often quite aggressive. And they should, since what they expose is of the utmost importance for the future of our planet. They are usually ads in which creatives have carte blanche to say what they want, which is a very sweet treat for agencies, who do not hesitate to show off their best ideas.

This is the case of the latest campaign, which wants to make us aware of how long it takes for plastic to degrade. With this, we will think twice before throwing the objects into the sea.

Anuncio Greenpeace | Plastic is Back

“Plastic is Back” is the title of the Greenpeace campaign carried out by the Ogilvy agency. It consists of several audiovisual pieces as well as billboards and physical stores. In them the return of some great vintage products is sold to us with great fanfare.

From soap bottles, yogurt cups, ice cream tubs or bags of chips. Real containers that have been recovered by Greenpeace volunteers on different beaches. Some of them have been floating in the ocean for more than 50 years.

The copy is reminiscent of 1980s marketing: “It made shoes shine in the 70s, it litters beaches today” or “Yummy for kids in the 60s, it makes beaches disgusting today.” In addition, billboards with these messages have been installed, as well as a physical store in Amsterdam where you can physically see these objects.

Greenpeace | Plastic is Back

Greenpeace | Plastic is Back

Anuncio Greenpeace | Plastic is Back

Campaña Greenpeace | Plastic is Back


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