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“Hashtags of Arts”, the campaign of the Museum of Fine Arts of Brazil

Hashtags of Arts connects new technologies and Social Media with Fine Arts.

Young people today spend more time than ever connected to social networks. Especially in Brazil, where it is considered the second most connected country after China. According to the consultancy Oliver Wyman, Brazilians spend an average of 3 hours and 56 minutes connected to social networks.

The same report points out that Cariocas are the ones who spend less time in a museum. So, how to increase attendance and make interesting the visit to the Museum of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro? Uniting the two disciplines with “Hashtags of Art”.

“Hashtags of Art” is the initiative of the Museum of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro together with the agency NBS. According to André Lima, CEO of the agency: “The project appropriates the language used in social networks to contextualize and even synthesize the plot of a work of art, so we describe the pieces that are exhibited in the museum in a light, fun, popular and closer to a generation that was born connected. “

Since its premiere, “Hashtags of Art” has already been visited by more than 8,000 people and attendance at the museum has increased by 60% compared to last year. The success has been such that the exhibition has been extended until 2020.

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