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Heinz’s commercial is an hilarious story about consumer devotion

Wieden+Kennedy New York has been the agency in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Heinz | It has to be Heinz

The Heinz commercial tells us the funny anecdotes made by the most fanatical consumers of the brand.

If there is a brand that has been able to become transversal and known throughout the world thanks to pop culture, that is, without a doubt, Heinz. The American company, famous for its 57 different varieties of sauces it makes, rose to fame thanks to Andy Warhol’s “Heinz Ketchup Bottles” series.

But it would be unfair to limit the success of a brand that has more than 150 years of history to a painting by one of the most influential artists in history; but it did help to place the brand at a high level of knowledge at the level of Coca-Cola. Now, he is launching his first global campaign with Wieden + Kennedy.

“It Has To Be Heinz” is the title of the Heinz commercial made by Wieden+Kennedy New York. In it we see some of the craziest actions that have been carried out by fans of the brand around the world that are “based on true events”. The reflected situations have been discovered on networks such as TikTok, Instagram or Reddit.

Examples such as putting the brand name on the car’s license plate, putting cans of beans in hand luggage, tattooing the Heinz logo or taking a bottle of ketchup to a high-end restaurant. Extreme and absurd acts that demonstrate the devotion to the brand that some users have.

According to Diana Frost, Chief Grwoth Officer of The Kraft Heinz Company: “By unifying the brand on a single global platform we immerse ourselves in the world of our consumers and discover that they all share the absurd lengths to which they go for Heinz products. We are a brand obsessed with its consumers and we created ‘It has to be Heinz’ as a love song to our fans.”

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