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Heinz cookbook shows AI how to improve your recipes

The campaign has been carried out in collaboration with the creative company VML España

Libro de recetas de Heinz | Ai Cookbook

Heinz’s cookbook aims to teach Artificial Intelligence to better display its recipes.

That artificial intelligence is here to stay is a fact. Which is still a green technology and in the process of maturing, too. But that doesn’t let brands take advantage of the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and launch new creative campaigns.

This is the case of Heinz, the popular American sauce brand, which aims to teach artificial intelligence to better display the recipes that are requested. To this end, it has launched a cookbook to teach AI how to cook like a real chef.

Heinz campaign | AI CookBook

“AI Cookbook” is the title of Heinz’s recipe book, the brand’s latest campaign that aims to show that Artificial Intelligence still needs to improve.

And when it comes to representing images of food, the AI shows real aberrations: Huge tomatoes, giant portions or sauce splashed all over the table. Some images with little verisimilitude.

To do this, the Heinz recipe book aims to take advantage of the brand’s 150 years of experience to teach you how to cook. A team was formed with the brand’s chefs and a designer who was an expert in creating prompts to develop the ideal instructions to give to the AI. Everything to create more than 30 perfect recipes.

Heinz New Ventures director Caio Fontenele commented: “Although AI is capable of speaking all languages, writing speeches and launching satellites into space, we realized that, in reality, when it comes to cooking, needs some help. Our chefs teamed up with AI experts to teach AI how to create the perfect recipes using only Heinz tomatoes. Our AI Cookbook is a collection of prompts that, when given to the AI, create delicious images of food and recipes that can be followed at home.”

Watch | Heinz cookbook review on video


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