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The Ikea advert invites us to relax through play

The campaign broadcast in the UK wants to help us in our mental well-being

Anuncio de Ikea | Let Play Unwind Your Mind

The Ikea advert has been created by the Mother agency and wants us to play to relax.

Once the pandemic is subsiding globally, mental health is one of society’s workhorses. Brands try to contribute their grain of sand with comforts that make our day to day a little more bearable.

This is the case of the latest Ikea advert broadcast in the UK, in which the Swedish multinational invites us to relax to avoid the tensions of teleworking, and it does so with a basic premise: play.

“Let’s play unwind your mind” (“Let the game free your mind”) is the title of the Ikea ad made by the Mother agency, produced by Iconoclast and directed by the Brazilians Gustavo Moraes and Marco Lafer. In it we see how a mother is getting overwhelmed while she teleworks at home. It is raining outside, her daughter is drawing and a multitude of calls and messages appear on the screen.

Her partner tries to cheer her up with a pingpong ball, to which the protagonist, annoyed, returns it annoyed. But immediately they begin to play and the family is added to a euphoria released through the game. More and more, the house is plunging into a world of fantasy and changing the mood of the mother, who closes the computer to watch a family movie.

According to Kemi Anthony, Marketing Communications Manager at Ikea: “We believe that play is important for our well-being. Life often becomes overwhelming and we forget that spending a little time having fun can help us. When we think about disconnecting what we do with yoga or meditation. But research shows that the most surprising and probably the most effective way to achieve those ends is through play.”

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