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The best mental health commercials

The Best Mental Health Commercials

A compilation of the best mental health commercials that we can find today.

Mental health is that state of balance between oneself and their socio-cultural environment. This state guarantees our labor, intellectual and relationship participation that allows us to achieve well-being and quality of life. This well-being is divided into three parts: physical, mental and social and not just the absence of disease. And more and more people have trouble reaching this well-being. It doesn’t help that the World Health Organization states that there is no “official” definition of what is and is not mental health.

That is why more and more brands want to help us talk about our concerns. That we do not carry our backpack and avoid reaching that state of emotional well-being with everything that surrounds us. Brands such as P&G, Sprite, Bupa, Lancôme, Nivea and others have addressed the problem of mental health in different areas. That is why today we are going to collect the best advertising campaigns on mental health that have been carried out.

P&G | Mind Load

P&G ran an advertising campaign about mental burden on women. This emphasizes the constant thought effort of all those who are in charge of household chores. Although society is changing towards a freer designation of roles within the family, the greatest emotional burden continues to fall on women. A situation that they expose perfectly in this series of interviews with couples.

Watch P&G Campaign

Lancôme | We’re happy?

“La Vie Est Belle” is the title of Lancôme’s commercial about mental health. The campaign wants to help us reflect on happiness and understand that its meaning is different for each one of us. To do this, the brand represents us in the shoes of Andrea, who goes with a friend to see a play.

Ver análisis de la campaña de Lancôme

Bupa | What is normal?

Bupa’s commercial throws us an inoffensive question: “What is normal?” and introduces us to a poignant mental health campaign that strives to normalize problems and encourage us to seek more help. It is an advertising campaign that inspires suffering people to speak out more. And is that with more than seven billion people on the planet, there is no standard definition of “normal”.

Watch Bupa commercial

Sprite | You’re not alone

To alert young people, Sprite wanted to encourage them in its latest advertising campaign to share their feelings and experiences online. This way they will be able to find people with the same concerns and generate new contacts related to what one feels.

Watch Sprite Commercial

Dove | Real Beauty Sketches

When it comes to valuing beauty, women themselves are their worst critics, letting themselves be carried away by perceptions that make them feel worse. To restore self-esteem, Dove made one of the best commercials of the decade.

Watch Dove Commercial

Axa | Sharing Makes us Stronger

The goal of the Axa commercial is to empower people to talk about their mental health and build mental resilience. The campaign is inspired by the stories of four people who experienced difficulties with their mental health and the relief that came from sharing these feelings with friends and loved ones.

Ver análisis de la campaña de Axa

Nivea | Never Alone

Nivea lanzó una campaña de publicidad para hablar de la salud mental en los hombres. Y es que la mitad de los problemas de salud mental de los hombres empiezan antes de los 14 años. El anuncio de Nivea pone énfasis en hablar sobre los problemas de salud mental y recalca el apoyo básico de los demás. La campaña acaba con un la frase “Strenght in numbers” (“La fuerza del grupo”). Lo ha realizado en colaboración con el Liverpool FC y la ONG Talk Club

Ver campaña de Nivea

And so far our compilation of the best campaigns on mental health. But these are some of the many that have been made. That is why we ask you which are the best mental health commercials for you.

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