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Amazon’s emotional Christmas commercial: “Kindness, the greatest gift”

Anuncio de Amazon de Navidad | Kindness, the greatest gift

Amazon’s Christmas commercial focuses on the small gestures of kindness that we can do on these dates.

Christmas commercials continue and many still marked by the pandemic. Everything indicates that these dates will mean a return to normality but along the way, the mental health of many people has been affected.

And this is the message that Amazon’s Christmas commercial offers us. Before those overwhelmed people, gestures of kindness and companionship. A change with respect to those jovial ads with the boxes as protagonists.

“Kindness, the greatest gift” is the title of the Amazon Christmas commercial made by the British agency Lucky Generals. In it we witness the life of a young woman who is gradually returning to her usual activities. Activities such as taking the subway, going to class, going out to party or talking to people are a great effort. The effect of the restrictions during the pandemic has taken its toll and the girl experiences stress and anxiety to resume the rhythm prior to Covid-19.

Her neighbor notices and decides to have a kind gesture to help her cope with the situation. Thus, she buys a bird feeder for them to come and keep her company, which is the origin of a new friendship. Amazon’s Christmas ad sounds to the beat of “Hold On,” the latest single from British singer Adele. In it, Adele describes her own experience with anxiety.

According to Ed Smith, Amazon’s Managing Director of Integrated Marketing for EU: “The last 18 months have been challenging for people around the world, including many young adults. Our time together cannot be taken for granted. This year, although the world will not be completely back to normal, the opportunities for kindness and connection will take on a new importance.”

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