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Nivea’s commercial about mental health in men: “Never Alone”

Nivea, Liverpool FC and the NGO Talk Club collaborate in this advertising campaign

Anuncio de Nivea | Never Alone

Nivea’s commercial in conjunction with Liverpool encourages men to talk about their mental health.

Mental health is becoming the protagonist of advertising campaigns for many brands. Society is evolving and we are opening up to talk about our mental problems. Some problems that, as we have seen during the pandemic, affect many people we love and are in our close circle.

In Eslogan Magazine we have made a special of the best mental health commercials in which we could include the advertising campaign that Nivea has carried out aimed at men.

“Never Alone” is the title of the Nivea commercial made by the Digitas agency in London, produced by Prodigious and directed by Karen Cunningham. Liverpool FC and the NGO Talk Club have collaborated and use the famous song “You’ll never walk alone” as the driving element of the spot.

In the campaign, different children appear who recite fragments of the song while an orchestrated version plays in the background. And it is that half of the mental health problems of men begin before the age of 14. Nivea’s commercial puts an emphasis on talking about mental health issues and emphasizes basic support from others. The campaign ends with the phrase “Strength in numbers”.

According to Emily Marcham, Senior Brand Manager for Nivea Men in the UK: “Our ambition with ‘Strength in numbers’ is to change the narrative by helping men learn to talk about how they feel and making them see the strength that being together, on and off the field.”

The campaign will continue with a Nivea website where, in collaboration with Talk Club, rabbits will be given to alleviate mental health problems and Liverpool FC players will take action on social networks.

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