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Pinball Clemons Foundation’s beautiful advertisement: “Pinball Machine”

Anuncio Pinball Clemons Foundation

The Pinball Clemons Foundation advertisement invites us to find the right balance.

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Pinball Machine from FUSE Create on Vimeo.

This is the case of the Pinball Clemons Foundation commercial, entitled “Pinball Table”. And it doesn’t seem very creative that, if your company is called “Pinball”, use the famous game machine that hit it in the 80s and 90s. But the metaphor is so well done that it deserves a special distinction from us.

The Clemons Pinball Foundation is dedicated to providing educational resources and mentorships for underserved youth. The objective is that they can successfully enter the world of work. It has advised 10,000 young people, offered 130 scholarships and 300 grants. The advertisement “Pinball Machine” refers to the maze in which these young people find themselves, aimlessly and bouncing from one side to another until they finally fall.

According to Patrice Pollack, Creative Director at Fuse Create, the ad’s creative agency: “We needed to simplify Pinball Clemons’ Foundation’s multi-faceted approach through the narrative and visual metaphor of a pinball machine, yes we went there, we were able to illustrate the complexity of the problem and the impact of the solution.”

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