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Mothers vomiting and dogs peeing, this is the controversial Ikea campaign

The Try agency changes the communication of the Swedish brand

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“Life is not an Ikea catalogue” is the title of the Ikea campaign that shows us that not everything in life is rosy.

Ikea’s advertising campaigns never cease to surprise. The Swedish brand is in favor of letting the subsidiaries in each country carry out their own advertising campaigns without ties. A strategy that has borne good fruit and has brought out the creative talent in pursuit of the brand.

The latest idea is to capture authentic real life and demonstrate that Ikea furniture is prepared to withstand everyday life. A campaign that has raised controversy in Norway for being rude and unpleasant.

Ikea Commercial – Vomit

“Life is not an Ikea catalogue” is the title of the Ikea campaign carried out by the agency Try and launched in Norway. There are three 30-second ads in which we will see the typical Ikea image: Calm music that recreates pleasant rooms, lovingly decorated with the brand’s characteristic description and price. Until there comes a point when reality breaks the scene and shows us various situations: A mother vomiting, a dog urinating or an upside-down teenager’s bed.

Ikea Commercial – Dog Peeing

Reception to Ikea’s campaign has been mixed, with the brand having to issue a statement: “While some found it rude and unpleasant, other people have reacted positively and praised the company for showing a side of life that is not so perfect, but with which we can all identify.”

For her part, Annika Mørch Asté, Director of Marketing Communication at Ikea, commented: “Ikea products are made to help people in their daily lives. We believe that both furniture and houses are meant to be used. Without a doubt “It’s a little hard to see our products on TV covered in vomit or dog pee. But life isn’t always clean and perfect and we think it’s great that the campaign simply reflects that reality.”

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