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“Mama Bear”, the Ikea polar bear encourages us to be more sustainable

Mama Bear, la osa de ikea

Ikea’s latest advertising campaign is titled “Mama Bear”, a mother bear who encourages us to be more sustainable at home.

Brands have long turned to sustainability. They have found a purpose, to help the planet, that improves the user’s perception of the company’s image and of course, they will not miss this opportunity.

The main brands that talk about sustainability are sports, restaurant and home brands. In this case, we are going to talk about the latest advertising campaign launched by Ikea, one of the companies that is putting the most emphasis on helping the planet.

The Swedish multinational has launched an announcement on the occasion of Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22. In it, a mama bear will encourage us to be more sustainable at home.

“Mama Bear” is the title of the Ikea campaign. In a passive-aggressive way, the protagonist will encourage us to ride a bicycle to work, eat less meat, turn off lights and change light bulbs for other low consumption ones.

The Ikea polar bear has been created by the Memac Ogilvy agency in Dubai and represents that environmentally conscious mother. To bring the protagonist to life, a combination of animatronics, acting and sound design has been used. According to Cyntia Chammas, Executive Producer: “The most interesting aspect of the production was the animatronic polar bear. This costume was worn by an artist and two other specialists were in charge of the animatronic head and neck.”

To achieve a realistic result, efforts have been focused on body language and facial expressions. “Through body language and facial expressions, the Ikea bear can convey many emotions. Combined with the sound design, it helps build the mother bear’s strong but caring character.”

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