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The Kama Sutra of Ikea to achieve the greatest satisfaction in your bedroom

The Ikea Kama Sutra arrives, a guide to achieve the greatest satisfaction in your bedroom.

How to meet the needs of people in the bedroom? That is the question that has been asked in IKEA USA, how they can improve our satisfaction in the bedroom. And the result has been a campaign where nothing is what it seems, a guide to the best positions in the bed: the Ikea Kama Sutra arrives.

We have already commented on numerous occasions, we love the marketing policy of IKEA. A total freedom to the creative departments of each country to carry out the campaign that they create best for the brand. This is how authentic follies like “Insomnie Tweets”, “The nightclub to go to sleep” or “The curtains that purify the air” have come out. And all this has resulted in the best IKEA ads.

The Kama Sutra describes the different bedroom positions that can help consumers improve their lives. Despite the suggestiveness of the commercial, the book does not stop being a compilation of the best bedroom fittings of the brand.

Thus we see “The Lotus Flower”, a “lusty” wooden structure; “The desired seat”, a sofa that can fit up to three people or “The climber”; for those who “are not afraid to get on top” represented in a vintage illustration. An original and sexy way to present your products.



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