Lacoste and Minecraft create a new collaborative collection

The Crocodile brand and the game have unveiled the new clothing collection

Lacoste y Minecraft Colaboración

Lacoste and Minecraft team up to launch a new clothing collection and a new in-game world.

Collaboration between brands is a trend that is growing. These take advantage of synergies to multiply their presence on social networks. Nostalgia marketing is sometimes used like Lacoste did and its collaboration with Polaroid. Others try to unite two completely different worlds as Adidas and Lego did with their shoe model.

Now, Lacoste repeats with an eye on the new generations. The popular crocodile brand has a “posh” brand perception among the population over 30, and wants to change this trend with a new line of communication aimed at young people.

To do this, Lacoste and Minecraft have created a clothing collection to launch in the Spring/Summer 2022 season. The idea is to build bridges between these two alternative worlds and different actions have been prepared for this.

On the one hand, the clothing collection will merge the codes of both brands with Minecraft-style pixelated iterations such as polo shirts, sweatshirts and caps.

At the same time, a new map has been created in Minecraft that will be inspired by the Lacoste brand. To present it they did a show in Paris with music artist Brawk and video creator Smajor, as well as renowned gamers Atomicmari and Shubble. This new map will have an incredible setting and a multitude of mini-games, such as tennis or parkour. In addition, it will also cause the arrival of up to 30 new skins.

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