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Lego Art, the creative Lego experience to decorate our houses

Lego Art

Lego Art offers us a new way to relax as we decorate our homes.

Lego carries its entire history offering ways to stimulate our minds and enhance creativity and imagination. It was consolidated as a children’s reference thanks to its popular sets that each year were expanding and improving. The advent of digitization forced them to reinvent themselves, but they never lagged behind. Lego’s marketing and social media strategy gave them the chance to get to know their new consumers better, while consolidating lifelong consumers, now parents.

New lines of famous license-based products like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Marvel and the creation of animated movies based on the brand’s popular characters helped cement Lego as a featured entertainment product. Now, the Danish brand proposes a more adult-oriented step: Lego Art.

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Lego Art aims for adults to turn their creativity in an artistic way. For this, the brand relies on the great references of pop culture. Fans of Andy Warhol, The Beatles, Marvel or Star Wars will be able to assemble a Lego portrait to hang it wherever they want.

The Lego Art set offers a creative experience to relax by transforming a blank canvas with Lego tiles. In the purest “Pixel Art” style we can form different interchangeable frames that will be very easy to hang and change.

According to Louise Elizabeth Bontoft, Senior Design Director, Lego Group: “We know that adults are always trying to relax after a day of work. We think the best way to help them disconnect might be to explore their favorite passion in a new creative way. With these designs, we believe we can inspire movie fans, music lovers, and art and design fans to immerse themselves in a world of creativity tied to their idols.”

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