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Lego’s Christmas commercial puts the spotlight on children’s imaginations

Anuncio de Navidad de Lego 2021

Lego’s Christmas commercial is titled “Rebuild the World” and focuses on children’s imaginations.

Brands strive for the Christmas campaign and seek to advance the advertising pieces to the maximum. They recommend that we advance those purchases in view of the anticipation of a lack of components and provisions during these next few months.

That is why they have not wanted to wait any longer and after the Halloween advertising campaigns, the Christmas commercials are released. We recently saw the Macy’s Christmas advert and now it’s the Lego Christmas commercial turn. A continuation of his famous 2020 Christmas ad, titled “And I Think To Myself.”

“Rebuild the World” is the title of Lego’s Christmas commercial. It has been created by the brand’s in-house agency, produced by Stink and directed by the Traktor collective. The ad is an ode to children’s creativity and their ability to reimagine their reality. Two minutes long, they show us scenes taken from the minds of children. From Star Wars Stormtroopers against giant bees to fire-fighting dragons to sheltered cacti to hugging balloon dogs.

This campaign is inspired by the extraordinary imagination of children, which shows us that the world is full of possibilities. Julia Goldin

All to the rhythm of “Don’t stop me now” by Queen, with lyrics adapted to the occasion. Julia Goldin, Lego Group General Director of Product and Marketing, said: “This campaign is inspired by the extraordinary imaginations of children, which shows us that the world is full of possibilities. Whatever a child’s passion, with Lego Play they can explore and rebuild the world around them while developing skills such as creative resilience, communication and self-confidence ”.

The campaign is broadcast globally on all Lego digital platforms, television and stores. The campaign is part of #BuildToGive, Lego’s social initiative in which it will donate a toy of the brand to a child in need. Through this action, it will distribute 1.5 million toys in hospitals, foster homes and vulnerable communities.



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