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Lego commercial for this Christmas: “And i think to myself”

Anuncio de Lego | And i Think to myself

“And i think to myself” is Lego commercial for this Christmas campaign.

Brands are barely waiting for Halloween to pass to launch their Christmas campaigns. And it is that a November full of messages of happiness and joy awaits us … waiting for what the Covid dictates again. For now, Lego has been one of the first brands to present its Christmas advert.

The Lego commercial is titled “And I think to myself” in which they celebrate the creativity of the little ones. In turn, he gives the generational change to his parents, who in his day played and created with his figures.

The ad has been created by the in-house agency itself and begins with a father and son assembling a Lego set. Each one lets the imagination fly and we see different families creating their own stories. A blue horse, a sausage tree, a wedding of two astronauts, a police chase or trying to save the galaxy.

The Lego commercial for this Christmas is part of the “Rebuild the world” concept that the Danish brand launched last year. Thus, the brand is positioned in favor of creativity, innovation and imagination.

The background song is a custom version of “What a Wonderful Wold” performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

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