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The funny Lego commercial and the misfortunes of “The Damp Knight”

Anuncio de Lego | The Damp Knight's tale

The Lego commercial is titled “The Damp Knight’s tale” and explains the misfortunes of a knight from medieval times.

At Eslogan Magazine we love Lego advertising campaigns. In 2019 they launched their first commercial in 30 years under the slogan “Rebuild The World”; And since then the Danish brand has managed to mark its advertisements with a characteristic imprint.

After the premiere of the campaign “Rebuild the World” he moved us with “Little Pirate” and even decorated our houses with Lego Art. Now they launch a new campaign in which they explain the misfortunes of a poor gentleman in the Middle Ages.

The Lego commercial is titled “The Damp Knight’s tale” and has been the work of the agency BETC. It is the agency that embodies the creatives developed from Lego Agency, the brand’s internal advertising agency.

The commercial stars a knight who tries to cross a river to play with his bear friend on the other shore. The poor knight’s misfortunes inspire the entire village to help cross it so that he can achieve his goal. It is not until the end of the announcement that the story is nothing more than an imagination of children playing with Lego.

The Lego commercial aims to inspire little ones to let their imaginations run wild, using the different Lego elements to build the world according to their vision.

Julia Goldin, Product and Marketing Director at the LEGO Group comments: “We continue to be amazed at the creativity, optimism and resilience children display every day, and how, through play, they can develop essential skills for life, not just to imagine, but to create, a brighter future. The “Rebuild the World” campaign is a celebration of this and offers a showcase of the inspiration that we can all derive from coming together and collaborating creatively to overcome challenges “


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