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The magical McDonald’s commercial that encourages us to read

Spot de McDonald's | Livres

The McDonald’s commercial is a magical story about reading and young children.

In France, McDonald’s has been giving books to children since 2015 for the purchase of a Happy Meal. At the beginning, the initiative had been taking place a few weeks a year, until they decided to go one step further.

They decided to expand the campaign and extend it throughout the year. But they also gave the children a choice between a toy or a book. The reception was so good that they decided to renew the initiative year after year until today.

In total they have distributed more than 60 million books during all this time, and to celebrate this milestone, they have made this sweet spot.

The McDonald’s commercial is titled “Livres” and has been the work of the TBWA\Paris agency. In it we see how a mother and her daughter travel a river riding on a bed. On their way they discover endless stories, landscapes and incredible situations. A metaphor that reflects how intensely stories can be lived thanks to reading.

An advertising campaign very different from what the American multinational has been accustoming us to; more focused on outdoor advertising and viral advertising competing against Burger King.

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