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The last McDonald’s marketing action reinvents the Drive-Thru in Brazil

The last McDonald’s marketing action reinvents the Drive-Thru concept in Brazil.

We have enjoyed this McDonald’s marketing action in Brazil. The American multinational has long been performing creative marketing actions and it is not easy to be surprised.

The goal of the last McDonald’s marketing campaign in Brazil was to remind consumers that there is always a McDonald’s nearby and ready to offer service.

And how did they do it? Well instead of it being the car that goes to the restaurant, the restaurant went to the car. In other words, they turned the Drive-Thru concept around to surprise consumers. They called it ‘Drive-Truck’.

McDonald's marketing: Drive-Thruck

They transformed a truck to look just like a conventional McDonald’s Drive-Thru. In a few employees were offering company products to cars when they stopped at traffic lights. So consumers only had to place an order and receive it without getting out of the car.

To generate expectation, May 25 was declared ‘Drive Day’ where you could get special discounts on any Drive-Thru, conventional or mobile.

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