The first New York Times TV Commercial in 10 years: ‘The Truth is Hard’

The first New York Times TV Commercial in 10 years reminds us that truth is more important than ever, and we must tell it.

Moden periodism sucks. False news and rumors spread thanks to the proliferation of news sites, opinion blogs and the use of social networks.

We already have a Denzel Washington speech talking about how fast you are spreading news is more effective than know the truth. No one contrasted the information, whether it was true or not, the important thing was to launch it and get the maximum number of visits.

That’s the reason of the first New York Times TV Commercial in 10 years called ‘The Truth is Hard’. In a minimalist and clean style, with black letters on a white background like newspaper, they convey their most hard and realistic message: Truth hurts. And that’s why it’s necessary to tell it, now more than ever.

Spot del New York Times

A series of sentences completing their beginning with “The truth is …” we see an in crescendo of harsh sentences like “The truth is that our nation is more divided than ever”, “The truth is that the alternative facts are False “,” The truth is that women’s rights are human rights “to end a” The truth is hard to find “,” The truth is hard “and” The truth hurts. “



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