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Nike and Rosalía encourage us to play sports even if we are bad at it

Nike y Rosalía | Play New

The new commercial of Nike and Rosalía as one of the protagonists encourages us to practice sports even if we are bad at it.

Nike’s communication in the last 10 years had become a bit vindictive. The brand detected that, as a result of the different waves of protest, it had to position itself in favor of what it believed. Thus began his campaign “Dream Crazy” with Colin Kapernick, “Dream Further” in favor of women’s football or “For once, don’t do it” against racism.

But sometimes it’s nice to see a fun new Nike ad campaign again. This is the case of “Play New”, where Nike and Rosalía encourage us to do sports, even if we are really bad at doing it.

The Nike and Rosalía campaign has been carried out by Nike’s main agency: Wieden & Kennedy. In it, the American multinational encourages us to discover sport in a different way. For Nike, any activity that involves fun and energy consumption is valid to call it sport. Elite athletes like Sabrina Ionescu, Dina Asher-Smith and Blake Leepe participate in the ad with the goal of finding “joy in movement, play and competition.”

The Nike campaign stands out for the presence of Rosalía as one of the protagonists of “Play New”. The singer is proud to be part of Nike: “The concept of sport is expanding. I join Nike so that, together, we can share with people from all over the world that joy that movement and sport give to also empower the next generation of women and girls. I share Nike’s commitment to uniting and activating communities around the world through sport for health and equality. “

“Play New” is a Nike commercial unlike anything it has been doing. Regardless, it feels very “Nike”. It is refreshing, with the hackneyed message that the important thing is not to win, but to participate. And it represents most of us who are clumsy practicing sports.

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