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“Not Her Problem” campaign denounces online hate against women

The EE brand takes advantage of the Women's Euro Cup to denounce online hatred of women

Not Her Problem | EE for Eurocup 2022

EE’s “Not Her Problem” takes advantage of the framework of the Women’s European Football Championship to denounce the hatred suffered by women online.

The Women’s European Football Championship is an unbeatable setting for presenting impressive advertising campaigns. And if with them we can raise awareness and educate so that the hatred towards women stops, much better.

It is the objective of the British telecommunications firm EE; which has launched a campaign to urge men to stop making sexist comments on social networks and any digital content.

“Not Her Problem”

“Not Her Problem” is the title of the EE campaign for the European Women’s Football Championship created by Saatchi & Saatchi London. In it, he presents the new components of professional soccer players with whom they will combat offensive comments on networks. This team is called “Hope United 2022” and is a continuation of last year’s campaign for the men’s edition of the tournament.

And it is that, according to a study of the brand, 52% of the UK public feels that the Internet is a hostile space towards women. 63% of men feel that they are more responsible than women for misogynistic behavior.

“Not Her Problem” introduces us to players like Ellen White, Lucy Bronze, Marissa Callaghan or Caroline Weir and the problems they face on a daily basis. The physical effort typical of elite athletes; combined with competitiveness, menstruation or conciliation with motherhood are some of the inconveniences they have to deal with.

According to Marc Arella, CEO of EE: “Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we come together to defend hope over hate, holding men accountable for taking charge of the problem. That is why EE Hope United will continue to help shape a safer online world, giving others the confidence and knowledge to help speak out and end gender-based hate online.”

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