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The new 2021 Audi commercial starring Regé-Jean Page

Actor anuncio Audi e-tron 2021

The actor in the new Audi E-tron ad is Regé-Jean Page, one of the hottest actors.

The future is already here, and it is that practically all the brands have launched their electric car. Little by little the options to buy an electric variant of the best known models are more and more. Although they are high in price, it is a step for sustainability and 100% electric circulation in the future.

One of the brands that advocates for its electric models is Audi. And it is that it has just launched the Audi Q4 e-tron, the electric SUV of the German brand and it does so with a careful advertising campaign and with one of the fashionable actors. But, who is the actor in the new audi advert? 

The new Audi advert 2021 actor is practically the only question asked by users who have seen the new Audi Q4 Advert. Regé-Jean Page is who is in the Audi commercial. It’s best known for starring in one of Netflix’s most popular series: The Bridgertons. Also, the actor in the Audi Commercial 2021 has starred in minor roles in films such as Roots, Fight for Justice or The Gray Man.

Audi’s new electric car ad has an exquisite art direction. The concept of selling the future is linked to minimalist Nordic-style furniture and simple but elegant clothing. The popular actor stars in the Audi ad, titled “Celebrating Process” and has also conducted an interview titled “A Story of Progress.”

The Audi Q4 e-tron commercial uses the British-Zimbabwean actor as the global communicator for the campaign. According to the brand: “Actor Regé-Jean Page believes in a new direction. In adapting the way we share stories to better connect with the global community. Listening with humility and acknowledging how much we don’t know is changing the future. Create powerful narratives that resonate with audiences around the world.” A success to have Regé-Jean Page as actor in the new Audi Commercial.

The new electric SUV from Audi for this 2021 is the little brother of the Audi e-tron and can already be configured from 44,500 euros with three lines of finishes: Advanced, S line and Black line.

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