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The emotional Oreo commercial is one of the announcements of the year: “The Note”

Oreo continues to support the LGBTQ+ community with another fantastic campaign

Anuncio de Oreo | The Note

The Oreo Commercial is an emotional story about a young man who reveals himself to his family.

There are brands that take their social responsibility one step further to have a direct impact on the daily lives of many people. And it is those that have a commitment to the LGTBIQ+ community, such as Doritos or Sprite, that fight against the injustices experienced by the group.

One of the brands that has a special cure for the Pride movement is Oreo. Already in 2020 they released “Proud Parent”, a love story that captivated thousands of people. Now they are back with another campaign that is running as one of the best adverts of 2022.

“The Note” is the title of the Oreo commercial in support of the LGTBIQ+ community. The work of the 360i agency and directed by director Alice Wu, the campaign has been carried out in collaboration with PFLAG, the association of parents and relatives of homosexual, transsexual and bisexual people in the United States.

The Oreo commercial puts us in the shoes of a young man when he tells his family that he is gay. With impeccable execution, the voiceover is accompanied by close-ups to show us how nervous he is and the tension he is experiencing. All together with the reassuring movements of his mother before a moment that will mark his life. The advert ends with the line “Coming out doesn’t just happen once.”

According to Alice Wu, director of “The Note”: “When Oreo contacted me about this project, I made a proposal to them that I didn’t think they would approve of. But not only did they give me the green light, but they have given me enormous support for me to keep my voice. Oreo’s intention is to be a true ally of the community.”

The Oreo advert is part of the #LifelongAlly campaign that aims to support the LGTBQ+ community. This year they will make a donation of 500,000 to the PFLAG.

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