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Pepsi commercial “The mess we miss” signals behaviors before pandemic

Anuncio de Pepsi | The Wess we Miss

“The Mess We Miss” is the Pepsi commercial that indicates those behaviors before the pandemic that we will have to change in the future.

Little by little, many countries are vaccinating their inhabitants and, little by little, normality is returning to our lives. A normality to which we will have to adapt after the devastation caused by the pandemic at a global level.

Many brands start launching optimistic ads predicting what life will be like after Covid19. A decalogue of “normal” things that we cannot do now and that later will feel strange. One of the brands that has taken these routines to the extreme is Pepsi, which brilliantly points out those group behaviors that have no place in a better future.

“The Mess We Miss” is the title of Pepsi’s commercial for a return to normalcy. The American multinational calls into question the end of social distancing by celebrating those behaviors that were common before the pandemic.

The Pepsi commercial shows us different situations to which we did not give much importance and now they are very strange. Eating from a free buffet, getting stuck with someone at the entrance of a hotel, falling asleep to someone’s men on a plane or living a concert hugging everyone.

To the rhythm of “Tomorrow” from the Broadway musical “Annie”, the Pepsi commercial sends a positive message: “Let’s find our way back to a better tomorrow” but not before returning the focus to another of the inappropriate behaviors: sharing a can, even if it’s Pepsi.

According to Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s vice president of marketing: “If we look back on life before the pandemic, it is easy to feel nostalgic when looking back at social occasions that brought family and friends together such as sporting events, weddings and concerts. Although now those moments may seem out of place. Instead, they represent an optimistic future that we can all hope to achieve. We believe that we can all aspire to a life filled with these carefree moments of enjoyment without feeling guilty. “

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