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Pepsi covers “Grease” to launch a limited edition of its can

Pepsi versiona Grease | Anuncio

Pepsi covers “Grease” to launch a limited edition of its 50s-inspired can called “Soda Shop”

After the summer, it’s time to meet again at the institute, more specifically at Rydell High, the famous institute from the film Grease, the classic from the 70s that aroused fervor among an entire generation. Toupees, leather jackets, sunglasses, pink pants and lots of hairspray and the reunion in a parking lot.

It’s the latest example of nostalgia marketing, and Pepsi is doing it to introduce its new can with a 1950s-inspired aesthetic.

Pepsi covers “Grease” in a new version that includes a cover of “You’re the one that I want” and a recreation of the seduction scene between Sally Olsson and Danny Zuko. But instead of seeing Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta we found the singer Doja Cat and the actor Noah Steinbuch

The new version features a version of the song sung by Doja Cat with arrangements that bring it closer to hip-hop. The casting is more diverse than in the film and the lyrics have undergone variations to avoid the machismo of the time.

According to Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing for Pepsi: “The commercial appeals to nostalgia and indulgence, two trends that are relevant as consumers seek comfort in modern times.”

The advertising campaign where Pepsi covers “Grease” was released on Sunday the 12th during the broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards, to which the protagonist Doja Cat chose in several categories.


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