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PETA denounces animal abuse by parodying a children’s program

The British agency House 337 has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Peta denuncia el maltrato infantil

PETA denounces animal abuse with a campaign that recalls that famous “Save Ralph”

Associations against animal abuse have spent many years fighting against the atrocities committed by humans. And the field of advertising is yet another part of this battle to prevent any animal from suffering.

This is the case of the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) advertising campaign. He intends to raise awareness by parodying a children’s program and singing a fun full song criticizing the habits of the industry.

PETA denounces child abuse with “Sing Along With the Animals at Red River Farm”, a campaign created by the British agency House 337, produced by BlinkInk and directed by Will Wightman. The piece aims to send a message to avoid the use of products of animal origin in fashion. The advert style reminds the famous “Save Ralph” campaign that was crowned one of the best commercials of 2021 in Eslogan Magazine.

The story takes us to the Red River Farm where we will meet Jessie Cave, known for giving life to Lavender Brown in Harry Potter; that she will meet “Sheepie” the sheep. All wrapped in an aura reminiscent of the children’s programs of yesteryear in the style of “The Muppet Show.”

They both begin to sing a song with a catchy melody, but soon we see that the message they convey to us is not a very pleasant one. Next, we will know all the atrocities that companies carry out on different animals.

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