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Top 10: Ten Best Commercials of 2021

Top10: Best Commercials of 2021

We have chosen the ten best adverts of 2021. Discover the best advertising campaigns and spots that have been released this 2021.

2021 is without a doubt the year of recovery. Little by little we are leaving behind the impact of Covid-19 to revert to normality. And with it the reunions, face-to-face work, meetings with family and friends and many activities that were cut short in March 2020.

Because that is precisely what many of the advertising campaigns that have been released this year are about. Some campaigns halfway between the desire to return but not yet, which has dissipated in the Christmas adverts, in which the brands have completely turned to the new normality. You can tell that everyone wants to go back to enjoying those big and small moments with friends and family at any time of the year.

How could it be otherwise, in Eslogan Magazine, we have taken stock of the year. And that means analyzing, selecting and choosing the best adverts of 2021. It is undoubtedly a demanding year, where advertising campaigns have shone for their creativity. We had to choose 10, but it could have been 20 without a doubt.

But that’s what we’re here for, to debate and choose our top ten advertising campaigns of 2021; despite the pain of leaving out some brilliant ad campaigns. Just like we did with the top ten adverts of 2020, let’s decide the top ten commercials of 2021. Shall we start?


10. Leica – The World Deserves Witnesses

We started the top 10 best ads of 2021 with Leica. They have celebrated 150 years this year by launching their first global campaign in more than 10 years; and how. The German brand honors the power of images by documenting the beauty of this world.

The campaign is titled “The World deserves Witnesses” and has been created by the TBWA \ Paris agency. It is made up of a collection of photographs accompanied by emotional music and a voice-over that narrates everything that surrounds our world.

Read Leica’s commercial review

09. Toyota – Jessica Long

Toyota’s commercial for the Super Bowl shocked all viewers and garnered comments. The ad tells the unknown and emotional story of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, winner of 13 gold medals. With a careful staging, we witness the milestones of the swimmer while she swims. From learning to walk to swimming in high competition. She always under the watchful eye of her parents.

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08. Cadillac – Edgard Manostijeras

We continue with another ad aired in the Super Bowl and it is the Cadillac advert that presented us with an ingenious sequel to the famous film “Edward Scissorhands.” With Winona Ryder as Kim, the movie’s impossible love played by Johnny Deep and his son Edgar played by Timothée Chalamet.

Throughout the advert, we see how Edgar has problems integrating into society due to his scissor hands, as happened to his father. But this time set in the XXI century with all the characteristics of the time. In one of the final scenes, we see how Edgar plays virtual reality, so he can drive a car. That gives his mother an idea to get him a Cadilla Lyriq, the company’s new all-electric crossover.

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07. Nike – The toughest athletes

It wouldn’t be a complete listing if there weren’t any Nike advert. And it is that the American multinational has been carrying out year after year sublime advertising campaigns that have helped them to be on the lists of the best ads of the year. This year the level of quality of all their broadcast campaigns has been particularly scandalous, but if we have to choose one, it is “The Toughest Athletes”.

This campaign is dedicated to mothers and wants to answer a question: “What is it to be an athlete?” During the announcement we see the testimony of more than twenty mothers in different stages of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. All of them doing sports in their own way and within the possibilities that pregnancy allows them.

All with a careful editing and impeccable technical invoice to which Nike has accustomed us.

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06. Standard Chartered – A Liverpool story

If there is a football team with a soul, it is undoubtedly Liverpool. And its sponsor, the British bank Standard Chartered, which has been collaborating with the reds for ten years, knows this well. To celebrate this anniversary, he gave us a romantic announcement that evokes the love and passion that all his fans feel for Liverpool.

The ad pays tribute to Liverpool’s over 700 million fans around the world; and tries to capture the feeling of hope, disappointment and euphoria that fans of the “reds” experience around the world. All washed down brilliantly thanks to a cover of the popular “I’ll Never Walk Alone” sung by Astraea.

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05. Ruavieja – Quiero verte mejor

We made it to the middle of our list of the top ten adverts of 2021. And it’s one of the last ads aired this year. Nothing more and nothing less than Ruavieja. After leaving us one of the best ads of the decade with “We have to see each other more” they return with a wise and intelligent evolution that refers to the current situation.

Made by the Sioux & Cyranos agency, “We need to see each other better” reflects on the quality of our emotional ties after going through confinement. A look inside each one of us and that refers to the state of mental health that the current paradigm leaves us. What is innovative about the campaign is that she does it by singing and offering us both versions, hers and his; sung by Pablo Cebrián and Patricia Latherow.

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04. Bankinter – Tus Cuentas de Rap a Balada

The Sioux & Cyranos agency puts another ad on our list of the best ads of the year. This time with an ingenious and original advertisement for Bankinter. After casting their ad as the third best ad of 2020 with the commercial of the banknotes, they now dedicate a new advertising campaign aimed at a target that experiences a monthly oscillation in their checking account. And he does it in an original way, with a song that goes from rap to ballad to return to rap.

It has the presence of the vocalist of Dvicio, Andrés Ceballos and the Bankinter announcement begins as a rap, mentioning the ease of spending that you have on day 1 when we charge, in return for day 20, that there is no money left in the bill. That’s when the song takes a turn to become melancholic to the beat of a ballad.

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03. Cruzcampo – Con Mucho Acento

And we enter fully with the three best commercials of 2021. In third position we find the Cruzcampo campaign starring Lola Flores surprised everyone at the beginning of the year. The beer brand launched a message of empowerment narrated by a virtual Lola Flores. To get the artist’s face, voice and gestures to sync up, more than 5,000 images were used. A detailed composition and post-production process that had the help of Lolita and Rosario Flores, daughters of the singer.

But it is that apart from the careful technical invoice, Cruzcampo’s advert defended our attitude above all: «The accent defines our personality. It gives us character. It makes us unique. The accent is our treasure. And instead of hiding it, we are going to celebrate it. “

Read Cruzcampo commercial review

02. Humane Society International – Save Ralph

As the second best commercial of the year we have the shocking advertisement about animal abuse that shocked the networks. “Save Ralph” is a campaign by Humane Society International to denounce experimentation on animals to make cosmetics and tells the story of Ralph, a rabbit who “works” as a tester in a cosmetics laboratory. He is blind in one eye, can only hear buzzing in his right ear, and is covered in chemical burns. In spite of everything, Ralph the rabbit is proud of the work he does, a work for which he will die just as his parents and his children have done.

The advert for “Save Ralph” has been written and directed by Spence Susser from “The Greatest Showman” and features the voice of Hollywood stars such as Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron and Taika Waititi.

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01. Kandenko – Connecting Thoughts

And we come to the best commercial of 2021. Sometimes advertising gives us little gems that do not deserve to be so ephemeral. Your site is not a TV ad or a YouTube video but is safeguarded in museums or art galleries. In Eslogan Magazine we wanted to do justice with a beautiful advertising campaign that, as it does not have the importance of other brands, will surely not remain in the memory of consumers.

This is the case of the announcement of the Japanese infrastructure company Kandenko. A minimalist advertisement, made with threads, thimbles and sewing needles and miniatures to show us the beauty of connections, illuminating our future. It is titled “Connecting Thoughts” and is scenes created with threads, needles and sewing thimbles mounted on a cloth background. These scenes come to life when creative hands connect the elements, and electricity flows through the wires creating a connection between the street and people.

What do you think of our list with the ten best ads of 2021? Leave us your opinion in comments and tell us your top 10 ads of the year!

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