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This Japanese advert made with threads is a small work of art

Anuncio japonés realizado con hilos | Kandenko

The Japanese advert made with threads is from Kandenko company and is titled “Connecting Thoughts.”

Sometimes advertising gives us little gems that do not deserve to be so ephemeral. Your site is not a TV ad or a YouTube video but is safeguarded in museums or art galleries. Like the Volkswagen ad to fire the beetle, the Lakewood guitar ad or the Cabify “Words” campaign. In Eslogan Magazine we know it and that is why we have created a section dedicated to these hidden gems of advertising.

But when you thought you had already seen everything, something new always comes to surprise you. This is the case of the advert of the Japanese infrastructure company Kandenko. A minimalist advert, made with threads, thimbles and sewing needles and miniatures to show us the beauty of connections, illuminating our future.

This Japanese advert made with threads is a small work of art. They are titled “Connecting Thoughts” and are scenes created with threads, needles and sewing thimbles mounted on a cloth background. These scenes come to life when creative hands connect the elements, and electricity flows through the wires creating a connection between the street and people.

The common thread Smart-X is the protagonist of the scenes, which are set with music by YeYe and the voice of Kei Iwasaki. The corporate message of the Kandenko company is “Everyone lights the future” and summarizes the corporate activities of the company. Apart from connecting via electricity, they also connect people and the future through various social contribution activities.

The mission of the company is to ensure a stable supply of electricity to all those equipments and infrastructures to support the comfort and convenience of society and people’s lives.


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