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The emotional commercial of Lakewood guitars: “Wake her soul”

The commercial of Lakewood guitars is a little hidden gem: “Wake her soul”

We live in an era of advertising fast-food, where everything is consumed instantly. Social networks set the pace and advertising campaigns adapt to Instagram Stories. The result, short moments, that are recorded in our retina and easily forgettable.

One of the solution of the brands before this paradigm is to generate many campaigns. So, when the first wave of ads has not yet finished, they start with a second wave to give continuity. And with this strategy they drag the other brands to do the same.

But sometimes advertising gives us some jewels, although each time it costs more to find them. In the telling advertising agency we know that a good storytelling allows the brand to build a solid foundation with which to grow later. This avoids following trends and falling into the advertising fast-food where everything is worth a handful of likes.

This is the case of the emotional commercial of Lakewood guitars. The company created by Martin Seeliger in 1986 is one of the references when we talk about music instruments. The guitars created by Seeliger drink from maestro Manfred Pletz and stand out for their quality, precision and passion when it comes to building one.

Thus they have wanted to transmit it in the commercial, titled “Wake her soul” directed by Christian Schilling. in it we see how Henry recovers and plays the strings of his dusty acoustic guitar. At the moment, memories of days gone by are shot in your brain. A simple, emotional and tender advertisement. A jewel.



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