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“Save Ralph” the shocking commercial against animal testing

Save Ralph | Publicidad impactante

“Save Ralph” is a commercial by Humane Society International to denounce animal testing for cosmetics.

One of the wonders of advertising is that it is capable, in a few minutes, of impacting society. We have the example of GreenPeace’s advertising campaigns, always accurate when it comes to alerting us to climate change. Or the viral Sandy Hook Promises ads to prevent the marginalization of students in American classrooms.

One of the ads that has been viralized and most impacted is from the organization against animal cruelty “Humane Society International”. A short made in stop motion to make us reflect on the testing of cosmetics on animals.

“Save Ralph” is the title of the advertising campaign carried out by Humane Society International. A three-minute short using the stop motion technique that wants to be a documentary on Ralph’s life. Ralph is a rabbit who “works” as a tester in a cosmetics laboratory. He is blind in one eye, can only hear buzzing in his right ear, and is covered in chemical burns. In spite of everything, Ralph the rabbit is proud of the work he does, a work for which he will die just as his parents and his children have done.

A gruesome tale softened by faces to the viewer to sympathize with Ralph the rabbit. And it is that the situation of the protagonist is so shocking that the indignation is gradually permeating the mind of the viewer.

The experiments carried out on Ralph are real, one deals with acute skin irritation and the other test with acute eye irritation, which lasts about 21 days and its effects are observed, which can be redness, discharge, ulceration, bleeding, opacity or even blindness.

Hollywood stars involved

The ad for “Save Ralph” has been written and directed by Spence Susser from “The Greatest Showman” and features the voice of Hollywood stars such as Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron and Taika Waititi.

According to Troy Seidle, a member of the Humane Society International: “It is surprising to think that in 2021 we are still talking about cosmetic tests on animals, but the good news is that the campaigns have made more than 200,000 companies make the decision to go cruelty free This gives us a hope that the majority of the world will be cruelty free soon.”

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