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“Thank you, mom” the new P&G ad for the Winter Olympics

The new P&G ad titled “Thank You, Mom” follows its previous advertising campaigns for the Olympic Games.

It seems like it was an eternity when in June 2012 P&G launched one of the best commercials in history. The multinational Procter & Gamble managed to be one of the sponsors of the COI and went on to carry out advertising campaigns in the different editions of the Olympic Games.

Thus, with “Thank You, Mom” one of the best commercials for the Olympic Games in London 2012 was conceived; a very powerful storytelling, an impeccable performance and a moving music. It is composed from a Ludovico Eudiani still unknown to the general public.

Spot de P&G Juegos Olímpicos

Such was the success and recognition that the brand decided to continue with the same line. They took out a commercial for Sochi 2014 and another commercial for Rio de Janeiro 2016. Now they present their advertising campaign for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Although it does not have the impact that the former had in its day, the P&G ad it’s about discrimination in the world of sports. Racial, gender, religious and sexual discrimination to some athletes who have the full support of their mothers.

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