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Philips’ moving campaign: “The Full Picture”

The campaign, the work of the TBWA\NEBOKO Omnicon agency, brings together a radiologist and a former patient

Campaña de Phillips | The Real Picture

“The Full Picture” is the title of the Philips campaign where a former patient surprises the radiologist who saved her life.

In the world of marketing and advertising we usually know those products that companies sell to the general consumer. Especially in the technology sector where brands of televisions, smartphones, computers and other gadgets battle for our attention.

But few of us know that these same brands provide state-of-the-art technological material to hospitals and health centers so that they can better diagnose diseases. One of these brands is Philips which, with its range of systems for radiography and fluoroscopy, can make reliable diagnoses to patients.

The Philips campaign entitled “The Full Picture” wants to vindicate the branch of the company dedicated to medical devices. And he does it with a moving campaign that brings together a radiologist and his former patient.

The work of the TBWA\NEBOKO Omnicon agency, the piece brings together Sophie, a professional dancer, and Dr. Boden, a radiologist who photographed a patient with a stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma. They do not know each other since the professional’s job consists of photographing the internal parts of the body without having any relationship with the patient. One of the many invisible heroes that we find in every hospital.

After battling and overcoming this disease, Sophie and Philips wanted to thank the professional who revealed the lymphoma with an emotional surprise. So, Dr. Boden will attend photography classes to be able to transfer photographic skills to portraits. He does not know at any time who Sophie is, until, at the end of the piece, he reveals the photo of her that would change his life two years before.

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