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#PrideSkill from P&G creates an easy way for search LGTBI professionals

#PrideSkill de P&G

The #PrideSkill movement launched by P&G wants to facilitate the search for LGTBI professionals by companies.

P&G is one of the brands that always seek to reflect diversity in society. Dedicate efforts to promoting discussions that address different areas of business and inclusiveness. To this end, he has created a new movement called #PrideSkill in which he wants to connect professionals from the Pride community with companies that have a safe and trustworthy environment.

Created in alliance with Gray Brasil and supported by the LGBTI + Business and Directorate Forum, the platform will facilitate job search for professionals and companies that implement policies for inclusion.

The operation of #PrideSkill is very simple. When looking for employment, LGTBI professionals are encouraged to include “Pride” as a competence in their professional profile. Thanks to this, recruiters will be able to find these professionals in an easier and faster way. And is that in recent years, many companies have begun to implement inclusion policies for minorities. In this context, looking for like-minded professionals becomes an odyssey as there is no way to determine whether or not a person is related to the Pride movement.

#PrideSkill wants to impact positively at society, with a new look at the presence of LGTBI professionals in the labor market, changing the rules and facilitating meetings with inclusive companies. The initiative was born through the company’s LGTBI affinity pillar, GABLE (Gay, Allied, Bisexual, Lesbian and Transgender Employees). This entity, funded in Brazil since 2021, has the will to create an inclusive environment where employees can feel safe, valued and accepted.

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