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Sonic restaurants designs milkshakes to be Instagrammed

Sonic’s fast food restaurant  created #SquareShakes the first product designed to be Instagrammed.

We live in an era where Millennials are changing the way we understand communication between brands and consumers. And is that when it comes to generating ideas and strategies to connect with them you have to take into account two factors.

One, the Millennials have established new status standards, they no longer buy material things but look for experiences that define them and can share in social networks with their followers.

Second, the platforms with the highest growth in the last 3 years have been Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, social networks where the pictures are the most important. Facebook and Twitter uses text for reflections.

Producto pensado y diseñador para subir a Instagram

Based on this new paradigm Sonic, the american fast food restaurant believed that he had to do something about it and draw attention to the Millennials. For this they created with the popular chef of Instagram @ChefJacquesLaMerde the first products thought and designed to be Instagrammed: The #SquareShakes.

Square Shakes are shakes reinvented to a square format that allows you to take the perfect photo and upload it to Instagram. Products that visually invite you to want to share it with your followers to change the perception of these towards the product and the brand.

The action was developed under the Coachella Festival, where you could order the #SquareShakes and take them to your location.

A good way to understand the brand-millennial relationship leads to a disturbing question. How close are we to Nosedive, the brilliant chapter of Black Mirror?



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