The original promotion of Canal+ in cinemas: “The movie credits hack”

The original Canal + promotion rewards those viewers who stay until the end of the credits.

One of the great dignified of the irruption of new technologies and the vortex of the multinationals is Canal +. Originally created in France, they made a Spanish version that they issued from 1990 to 2016. Later it was bought by telephone to re-adapt it to its current channel # 0. Most presenters, programs and style drink from the legendary French channel.

Meanwhile, in France, Canal + has positioned itself as the channel par excellence for those who love cinema. In an attempt to stop Netflix, Amazon and digital platforms, they have been creating a curated selection of films for all those who have their subscription.

And to promote their service, they have made an original action in cinemas for all those who stay until the end of the credits. The promotion of Canal+ in collaboration with the cinemas MK2 has hidden a special message among the titles of credit.

“The movie credits hack” lasted a week. All those who waited until the end of the credits had the possibility to access a promotional code.
This code gave access to 3 months free subscription to the content platform.

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