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The Renault Captur commercial song is a version of Shania Twain

Canción del Anuncio del Renault Captur E-Tech 2022

Whose song is played in the advert for the Renault Captur E-Tech Hybride?

Car commercials are undoubtedly a breeding ground to offer us great musical themes. We all remember that legendary Golf GTI advert or some of the best car adverts songs. It’s been a while, however, that these ads show another type of music. Techno or house for cars aimed at a young audience or minimalist songs for the new hybrid models.

This is not the case with the latest Renault advert to announce its hybrid model, and it gives us a song sung with soul that reaches us to reinforce the message.

Who sings in the Renault Captur commercial 2022?

Renault has launched its Captur E-Tech hybrid model. And to announce it, it has had the collaboration of the Publicis Conseil France agency. The piece presents the virtues of the new model from an environmental point of view.

The Renault Captur advert tells us three stories in which we are invited not to take the car, although the most recommended option is that. And it is that sometimes it is better to walk or ride a bicycle to enjoy the little moments.

The song in the Renault Captur advert is “You’re still the only one” by Shania Twain sung by Okey Kaya. A classic from the Canadian singer covered by Norwegian-American actress and musician from New Jersey Kaya Wilkins, known as Okey Kaya.

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