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“Social Swap” Heineken and discrimination against women in football

The Le Pub and Edelman agencies have carried out the experiment with former footballers Gary Neville and Jill Scott

"Social Swap" de Heineken

“Social Swap” is Heineken’s original denunciation of discrimination against women when they talk about football.

Discrimination against women is a common trend on the internet and social networks. Especially if we place them in the football environment, where toxicity reaches very high levels. But women’s football is here to stay, and with it a new trend that wants to banish sexist attitudes.

Brands take advantage of the new trend to apply and champion the new revolution. And to do so, they launch campaigns to denounce denigrating attitudes towards women and to raise awareness that a change in mentality is possible.

“Social Swap” is the title of Heineken’s action to denounce discrimination against women who give their opinions on football. It has been carried out by the Le Pub and Edelman agencies and has the participation of two former English footballers: Jill Scott and Gary Neville.

Both are commentators on Premier League matches and as good football lovers, they express their opinions on social networks. The experiment that Heineken carried out consisted of exchanging accounts and publishing their opinions as if they were the other without the public knowing.

Once the deadline was over, both presenters saw the hate that was poured into Jill Scott’s account and the praise that Gary Neville was getting. Both commented and mocked the messages they received.

“Social Swap” is part of Heineken’s “Cheers to all fans” initiative, which aims to promote more inclusive football for all.

According to Jill Scott in the campaign presentation: “There is no doubt that attitudes have changed. But it is also clear that women fans are still victims of much more negativity than men. You end up becoming desensitized, but it shouldn’t be that way. This experiment is a “A warning to everyone that it is necessary to eradicate gender bias from football once and for all.”

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