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Supradyn’s advert is an original memory test that will surprise you

Supradyn breaks the fourth wall to reveal gender bias

Anuncio de Supradyn | Memory test

Supradyn’s advert delves into our subconscious to surprise us with a simple test.

It is amazing how our brain works. And it is even more surprising to perform certain exercises that guide you where they want, despite our resistance. There are plenty of visual acuity tests, personality questionnaires or memory tests on the net.

And to launch its advertising campaign, Supradyn, the vitamin complex owned by Bayer, proposes us to carry out a memory test that will delve into our subconscious to leave us speechless.

“Memory Test” is the title of the Supradyn advert created by the MullenLowe agency in London. A simple campaign, in which we are told that we will carry out a memory test. The challenge? remember the first person that comes to mind in different sectors: Soccer, Politics, History or Business among others.

The last question, however, reveals the goal of the campaign. We are not going to comment on it, we prefer that you perform the memory test. With this exercise, Supradyn’s advert wants to demonstrate the strength of our subconscious and how biased we are when we make a hasty decision.

According to Midori Morgan, Global Brand Director Supradyn: “The world is full of strong and tenacious people who always try to go the extra mile to help others. Women are an exception in this regard, but they often have to face additional barriers and biases. That’s why we’re committed to highlighting the efforts of women who go above and beyond to help their communities and society as part of our mission to support people’s physical and mental health.”

On the other hand, Alex Okada, Global Creative Director of MullenLowe Group: “We wanted to create something that would make people feel first and understand later. Getting people to participate with an open mind makes the result even more impactful. And the results are unequivocal: unconscious bias is real and we need to talk openly about it.”

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