“The Focus”: Heineken encourages us to stare at Pirlo

The Focus - Heineken

“The Focus” is Heineken’s latest campaign in which he encourages us to stare at Andrea Pirlo.

Heineken has been sponsoring the Champions League for over 20 years. And during all this time he has left us memorable advertising campaigns.
Examples such as the first viral campaign, hidden camera jokes or the participation of soccer players have accompanied us throughout this time.

Although every year it is more complicated to innovate, the Dutch brand manages to overcome and present new creative proposals. The last one is called “The Focus” in which it invites us to stare at Andrea Pirlo.

And it is that according to the brand it is increasingly difficult for us to concentrate on one thing. And more when we watch a Champions League game, where every blink can be crucial. To do this, Heineken decided to challenge those fans more concentrated in a game where we must stare at Andrea Pirlo.

The action, created by the NEXT-DC agency in Bulgaria, had a website created for the occasion. In it, a facial recognition to detect any movement in our eyes. Those who managed to hold their eyes longer for Andrea Pirlo won a ticket for an exclusive screening of the final.

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