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“The Land of New Football”, Nike’s advert for inclusive football

The Land of New Football

Nike’s latest ad under the slogan “Play New” is titled “The Land of New Football” and is committed to an inclusive and diverse football.

Nike continues with its “Play New” campaign focusing on those people who like sports even though they are terrible at it. With this campaign, the American company breaks a spear in favor of diversity and inclusion in all sports. We already saw a first step with “New Girl”, the Nike ad that broke the traditional patterns of Japanese culture so that a girl could be whatever she wants in the future.

Now, Nike has launched another advertising campaign focused on the beautiful game: soccer. With “The Land of New Football” Nike advocates tolerance, diversity and inclusion in a world as classic as everything that surrounds football is.

New Nike’s advert

As it did with “Good and Evil” changing the rules of modern marketing and “Dream Further” where women’s football was the protagonist of a change of cycle; now comes “The Land of New Football” that shows us the next evolution of this sport.

Nike stands up to all the conveniences of football with a fun and fresh speech. Made by Wieden + Kennedy, the lively and dynamic montage invites everyone to participate in the future of the sport regardless of race, sexual or economic reasons. In it we see players of different origins to show the power of collective work and break down the systemic obstacles always present in football.

According to the brand’s statement: “Today we celebrate the birth of The Land of New Football. A land where the game belongs to those who play it. A land for everyone to build. A land where everyone is welcome, no matter who they are. where he’s from or how long he’s been in the game. “

In the new Nike campaign we find new female figures as brand ambassadors. Chelsea player Pernille Harder, Sara Däbritz from PSG or Colombian Natalia Gaitán, player from Sevilla FC.

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