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“New Girl” the spectacular Nike commercial and female empowerment

New Girl | Anuncio de Nike

“New Girl” is the title of Nike’s latest campaign in Japan that criticizes the disparity of opportunities between men and women.

Nike continues to release pieces under its “Play New” concept. A line that is committed to overcoming those limits that society has imposed on us and doing what we really want. In “Play New”, Nike’s commercial with Rosalía as one of the protagonists, the American multinational encouraged us to practice any sport and have fun with it, no matter how neophytes we are.

Now it has launched a specific campaign for Japan, which wants to shed light on the plight of women for the whole country. An ad that reminds viewers of the traditional expectations and restrictions imposed on women in Japan.

“New Girl” is the title of the Nike ad made by Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo and aimed at the Japanese public. Still, its history is universal and it is easily exportable to any country in the world. It all starts when parents are told that the child they are expecting will be a girl. Quickly the worries begin to bloom: What will life be like for her? Will she be ready for a world designed for men?

As the announcement progresses, the concerns mount compounded by reflections from family and friends. Very marked inequalities in the Japanese country, a society very anchored in traditions where women have a very difficult time doing what they most want.

Until the mother is fed up and decides that the girl will be the one who shapes her future. All in a spectacular series of images of girls breaking barriers. Fighting in Sumo, playing baseball, rugby, tennis and other sports. Until the girl is born and the mother asks her the question: “And you, what do you want to do?”

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