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Burger King trolls McDonald’s with “The Whopper Detour”

Burger King trolls McDonald’s selling Whoppers at a dime with “The Whopper Detour.”

The advertising war between Burger King and McD0nald’s seems to be continuing this 2019. It has been Burger King who has started firing first by selling his Whoppers to a penny and, incidentally, trolling McDonald’s. A guerrilla campaign that makes you go to find a product of Burger King … in a McDonald’s restaurant.

The rivalry between the two restaurant chains leaves us memorable moments for advertising history. Like two little brothers, Burger King tends to mess with his rival, a symptom that denotes the lack of acceptance and complex that the brand can feel. But abusing this type of advertising can lead to fatigue on the part of consumers. We hope that, despite entering into comparative marketing, Burger King will start to follow its own path in the world of advertising.

The last action called “The Whopper Detour”, Burger King sold Whopper burgers for a dime. A campaign to promote the launch of its new app and communicate that Burger King will be anywhere. For this the users had to go to a McDonald’s, open the Burger King app, ask for a Whopper with the promotion and then pick it up by the nearest Burger King.

A fun and original comparative advertising campaign, as they take advantage of the confusion of McDonald’s employees to promote Burger King.

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